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From: Scott Anecito <>
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2018 2:13 AM
Subject: [Monero-defcon] 2018/06/16 DefCon Meeting Minutes
Next meeting will be 6/30 16-17UTC:

The IRC transcript and the Minutes below can be found on the Wiki:

**Defcon Village Meeting Minutes 16 June 2018**

1. Review pamphlet description

* Existing description can be found here:

* Michael's comment on what the other parts should consist of can be found on the 6/7 comment:

* Kovri is more than a workgroup, it is a project; description should be updated to reflect this

* sgp has offered to take responsibility for filling in remaining info

* Suggestion by anonimal to have more of a privacy focus: "The monero project is a privacy ecosystem which consists of..."

* Anyone w/ a Taiga account should be able to edit as they see fit, but please comment as to why if not grammar/typo based edit

2. Review best time feedback (

* Poll at the time had best times as 15-17UTC (6/7 pollsters); IRC tiebreaker opted for having the meeting now occur 16-17UTC instead of 15-16UTC

* There will be a conflict with Coffee Chat on 7/14; next meeting (6/30) should reach consensus on what to do with the 7/14 meeting

3. Provisional agenda


* Nothing of general note; mainly positioning of talks/demos and condensing. See transcript for exact details.

4. Educational activities

* At the time, no one handling challenges, etc that involve thousands in $ prizes and needed decision as to give go/no go with sponsors sponsoring. Need a decision reached within about a week.

* Rehrar knows a person; will have them contact msvb-lab.

* This would be a great item to discuss with the PR, O&E workgroup *Post Script from 6/18: sgp has said he has contacted them on 6/18, sgp will follow up*

5. Deadline booklet submission

* Should be done and submitted by June 19th

6. Hotsnot used to fix cards to paper

* This pertains to an idea msvb-lab has that needs 'that glue that credit card banks use'; "removable glue dots" and "prti-stik" are suggested search terms

7. Should we incorporate a LLC in Nevada? Having a project company would make it easier to pay taxes from the sale of badges and other Monero related merchandise.

* Unable to get to this item; will be number 1 on next meeting agenda

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